Those True Faces (Poem)

Season Greetings... This world can be dual-faced or may have many expressions. Which one is true or pseudo is the real question. Sharing a poem from my book It's a carnal world. A personal favourite! Those True Faces When I was real as ME They called me hideous When I pretend to be OTHER They... Continue Reading →

How I do “Digital Illustrations”…

Greetings... Art in any form or method is absolute recreational time for me. It gives a distinct sense of creativity. Though, I do digital illustrations for various projects at my venture Letters@Work. What is Digital Illustration? Digital illustration involves the use of a stylus or digital pen to draw on a digital canvas. There are... Continue Reading →

Is my error, your error?

Greetings... I know - Error 404 is “not” found here! We may pay differently for our errors. Yet, it's an impending process of life. We don't get into doing something with a purpose to make errors. But like we say, Life happens! It takes time and patience to create a masterpiece. While in the process,... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Failures!

Season Greetings... Disclaimer: This blog post is probably longer than my other post. So read if you can skimp 3 minutes 37 seconds (I did calculate the reading time.) to read and 3 minutes to analyse. Thank you! Also, there will be no “heroic” ending where everything settles down into an extraordinary story. So, keep... Continue Reading →

Poetry Postcards by Letters@Work

Greetings... Poetry is a bottled fragrance which spreads the notion of poetic life. Letters@Work has come up with “Poetry Postcards”. Handmade with passion! Head over to our Instagram page and get to know more about it. Letters@Work You can also email us at: Poetry Postcards by L@W (Introductory offer) Gift a poem! We are... Continue Reading →

Learn Journaling+Doodling

Greetings... I don't know what number I am to say- Journaling is a therapy. It's an organized way to manage your schedule, goals, reminder etc. Lately, I have been learning a bunch of ways to incorporate themes in the journal. Also, doodling! You can't deny the fact that doodling in your journal is fun and... Continue Reading →

The Artistic Scientist In Me!

Greetings... I vividly remember writing an essay about - My Ambition. It was a ritual in school and I always jumped at the opportunity to write. Ever since my ambition to become a scientist grew in me. I build up a small laboratory in my room with a microscope and other small equipment like a... Continue Reading →

How to invest in yourself!

Greetings... This particular topic was on my checklist for ages. But of course, I couldn't frame it as I wanted and kept this on the loop. Investing in yourself without the guilt of feeling selfish to an extent is a necessary step. We are surrounded by different thoughts and taking out time for ourselves has... Continue Reading →

Knuckles… (Poem)

The voids in between remind me of that propensity Pointing towards those excessive trust I embark upon Uncontrolled insanity marked those emotions fibbing in nerves It's hard to differentiate between the known and unknown perception Dating back those obsessed passion, pressed marks vacated in haste Leaving all of sudden with a kiss on the knuckle... Continue Reading →

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