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The Patch-Up Passion

Hello Readers,

                            Here goes my first story to the blog. I hope you enjoy reading it. Comment down whatever you feel and share your experiences.

We as a whole have profession and passion, however, what numbers of us take after our enthusiasm. I assume not everybody can take after their passion, not because they can’t do it but rather on account of many variables which lead us to take after what our cerebrum says. Large portions of us probably heard this from many-“Think Practical”. There is part of similitudes and contrasts in being professional – practical – passionate. The three P’s a major part of our life has a major effect and what we are today is significantly a direct result of these components. 

This story is about a young lady Meera who discovered her passion after a long take a stab at it. It was a Sunday evening and the day she displays her longing to learn violin. Her parents are not against learning but somehow she couldn’t convince them for learning something new. They made their point clear by saying, “who will find time for your studies “? After all, you will study and get married; there is no point in taking these things seriously since it is not valuable to you. She was crushed by their choice however she chose not to surrender her enthusiasm as a result of what her parents said. She attempted to persuade them consistently conceivable and lastly made it. The quest for her passion finally got a green signal but as we know nothing is easy to pursue.

She got her violin and was exceptionally cheerful that at last, she could learn it. However, the way was exceptionally troublesome for her then after. Even though her parents brought her the violin the circumstance at home changed. Every day her parents and siblings used to taunt her saying,

“You will never have a future in this; you are wasting your time” and all sort of comments that she couldn’t take it. She said to herself, “everybody ascends from feedback and antagonism” so why wouldn’t I be able to do it. Consistently she would make her mind yet what truly made her vibe down was the sort of comments that her parents gave her. They never comprehended her inclination for her enthusiasm and the embarrassment at home proceeded. At a time they also refused to pay her fee which is when she completely broke down.  At long last, she chose to offer her violin and forget about it until the end of time. Finally, she decided to sell her violin and forget about it forever. Meera tried to contact near about people and also in shops who would like to purchase it. She thought it would be better if someone else buys it who is interested in learning the violin. The several tries didn’t succeed but she kept trying harder and asked everyone possible.

When something is your part of life and close to your heart, it will never leave you. She gave up her thought of selling her violin. And decided to rise against all odds and learn it. But this time she has to learn it on her own because no one is going to support her. She made her mind up for any difficulty that will arise due to her decision. But she will never give up again.  Since she knew that her parents are not going to support nor pay anything for it. She happily took up some task where she was paid fairly. Thus she started learning it all on her own which she was proud of. Her parents also realized the importance that she gave to her passion. Hence, Meera patched up with her passion after striving for it. We always regret the decisions that we made to compromise our passion maybe because of our situation or all the odds that we faced. But we should always remember, once we leave the stone unturned it will remain untouched until the end of time.

Stay Positive




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