Are we selfish?

Have you ever experienced people who take advantage of you? They are those who talk flawlessly only to take help from you. Being sincere enough will only lead to disappointing yourself. So what to do? Well, help everyone in need without accepting anything back. Because ultimately it's not you and the person but you and... Continue Reading →

Dear God….

Your children's are suffering You can't be helpless like us We heard you're powerful We can feel your hands like a bulwark Please save your children's from those fiends Please save your children's Kindly do the justice...

If you feel that 3 months of the year is gone. That's Pessimism If you feel that there are 9 more months. That's Optimism

A letter written by Inner Self

Dear Buddy, Hope you're doing well. I don't know whats happening with you for the past few years. Where is the zing you had for life? Life will give you, what you want. Please give some time to it. Things may seem like random at times but trust me it will fall like the perfect... Continue Reading →

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