A letter written by Inner Self

Dear Buddy,

Hope you’re doing well. I don’t know whats happening with you for the past few years. Where is the zing you had for life? Life will give you, what you want. Please give some time to it. Things may seem like random at times but trust me it will fall like the perfect puzzle pieces forming a beautiful picture.
No matter what you see and experience. you should stick to your dreams. You have goals to accomplish. I know you are disturbed because of your current situation. Please trust your instincts and don’t brood about your past. You will get through this phase too. You know your strength and potentials that is what you need to believe in and nothing else. God knows your hard work and madness. He will not leave your hand. The blessings are always upon you.
So stop worrying and start working.
Yours Faithfully,
Inner Self

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