A painting workshop that I attended…

Last Sunday, I attended a painting workshop and it was after a long time. I felt rekindled with my passion for painting.

As a kid when you paint it’s a fun time or a hobby. But as in when you grow up it’s more like a recreational activity to reduce stress or like I take it as meditation. Painting makes your mind relax and you only think about the paint to play with.

I felt those few hours like an escape from reality. I want to continue feeling the same. The painting I drew was a ballerina with texture paint and knife painting technique.

My feeling throughout the painting was like, ” I am an artist and the creator of my art piece”. It gives an effect of rejuvenation of mind but you’re inward with beautiful colours.

Bonus point- Good food and painting is just a perfect combination.

Our minds dwell in our busy schedule. We live in a constant upgrading system. But our mind still stuck in those sweet memories. We need to upgrade the quality of life not just by quantity. Indulge in those moments which you will cherish because your mind said so.

Don’t run to make your life perfect because of imperfections as their own uniqueness.

Stay positive

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