Hard work pays off…

Sometimes you have to keep patience with yourself and time.

So last year at this time I was completing my master’s project. And it didn’t go as I planned. Ya… It happens sometimes the plan is revised and you end up in some other lane. I was not satisfied with my project and felt that I didn’t do justice to my end term. My end term project was for 6 months. But those 6 months of my life was a rollercoaster.

So here goes the story…

I got into a reputed and the best research institute on a merit basis. So when I received my offer I was elated and thought things are going according to my plan. And by luck, things were good. And soon came the day when I had to join the place to start my project. But things got out of place and all of sudden I felt I can’t do my project here. Ya. I know why all of sudden? But I don’t have an answer. And it’s not like something happened to me at that place. This was an emotional and mental call. I felt a sudden fear and anxiety and left that place. I had to apologise to them for the aggravation caused by me. The worst feeling is when you don’t have words to describe your situation and the circumstances are direr than ever.

So the place changed and now it’s time that I have to arrange for a place where I can start my project. And I am running out of time. So I had to come back to the place which initially was my last option to do my project. I was given the freedom to choose my own designed project and started with the literature review but eventually, I couldn’t take it further because it was too time-consuming and I already had less time with me. Those emotional breakdowns still flash my memory. But I kept all feelings with whatever I felt inside by wearing a mask.

So when I started with the other project I got back on track feeling confident again. But life is not easy and to my bad luck, our animal tissue lab got contaminated due to the construction work. So again my project got changed and gathering all hopes once again started with the next project work. By this time I had less time to complete my work. I went through a lot of research papers and started with my thesis work. Stayed up late in the research space to complete the work in the stipulated time. And all through feeling not satisfied with my work. I thought maybe no one will take my project seriously. But one thing which kept me going was a ray of hope.

Hope- maybe just four letters word but impactful like life.

So the submission day approached and I did complete my work and did all the after work. Even after presenting my work, I felt I didn’t do justice to my end term. I could have done better but like I said, “Sometimes life goes the other way”.

But the story doesn’t end here…

Exactly after one year i.e. June 2018. I was called as a speaker to an international conference to present the same project. Basically to give a talk on my project to an audience filled with experts around the world. After I gave my talk I received a lot of appreciation for my work. I thought to myself that maybe people saw my project differently and that’s when I was completely satisfied with my project work. That’s true it took one long year but don’t you think everything is a cycle. I never thought I will be given my share of my hard work. Maybe it’s not a big thing but for me, it’s like I got paid for what I deserve.

Sometimes its takes time to get what you deserve but it’s never denied.

You may forget about your dreams but God will remember. In the walk of life, things will take another way but it will always end up in a good way.

Never bother what is lacking now because things will fill their space at the right time.

Stay Positive.

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