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Some Random Thoughts…

Sometimes we imagine, we wander, we think deep…

Certain thoughts are so meaningful that we pen down such thoughts.

Here are some thoughts from my mind who loves to wanderlust…

Always caught up in those imperfections of life….(People nowadays).

People focus on making everything perfect but don’t realise that everything has its own identity.

A person is always alive if he has the curiosity for life.

You can dream anywhere. As far as your feelings are connected to your thoughts.

No deadlines, No responsibilities, Hassle-free life. That’s childhood.

The thoughts from your mind to the tip of your fingers- That distance decides writing is purely a mind game.

People will end up on the same page. But on different routes build by them.

The sincerity that we show towards people will not return back to the same form.

Always thinking about how life treats you will not solve the problem. Get up and move. No one will deliver good times at your doorstep. You have to find it yourself.

You think certain people in your life will stay but that’s just an illusion of your inward.

If you’re in a relationship try to understand others feelings.. Because if they think you don’t care that can put an end.

Stay positive.

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