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What I carry in my BAG…..


This is something which you must have seen in videos…What’s in my bag?

I know this is not something new. But, hey… What’s wrong with it anyway? To me, this topic is something very intriguing.

So I thought to make it into a blog post and share it. And what if you also get some interesting things that even you can carry in your purse.

Like I mentioned in my bio, I am going to explore the diversity among topics that run through my mind every day. I have clicked all the pictures and edited them for the blog post. This is more like a pictorial presentation. So this is my version of – What I carry in my bag…..

Hope you like it.

Yep, I like keychains and it goes with every handbag that I use.

Who doesn’t need a wallet?…… The most essential one.

Water…water….water… Always keep a small water bottle.

Tissues… Never know when it comes in handy.

Of course… Carry a small pouch with essentials like perfume, lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick. Oh yes, bandaid for emergency

Don’t forget your feminine essentials… And what if someone else needs it. I carry it in a fancy pouch. For the aesthetics….. 😉

You will understand the perks of having long hair. You need to carry some hair ties, pins, and comb. And also keep some safety pins handy.

When shopping you need your shopping cards. So I keep them separate in a cardholder.

Don’t forget to keep hygiene products and I use the baby cream as a hand cream, moisturizer etc. Because the main purpose is to keep your hands soft and it does the work.

Mints…Mints as a mouth freshener

Music is your friend… carry earphone. And also keep a pen drive with your documents in it. You never know what you require in some situation.

Glasses……Carry your reading glasses and sunglasses to protect those beautiful eyes.

Keep writing your notes…

Cover it up… Scarf all time

Work…… I usually carry my iPad to work but otherwise, I don’t.

Do you think something is missing?

I also carry my phone 😉

Like it’s said, “A woman’s bag is never full”. I hope you liked it.

Stay positive…

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