Loneliness.. Is it good or bad?

Sketches From Vrinda

How often do you feel lonely?

Even if there are many people around you. A certain sense of loneliness is a dispatched thought of our psyche. Or maybe there ain’t no one in our life to feel content. Some people can’t handle many people in life and that’s the way they like it. But some are jubilant but feels lonely at the end of the day. A mask that people wear often.

Not every happy person you come across feel the same emotion inside. They try to not make others sad. So put yourself in a happy mode and imagine everything and everyone is happy. There will be less burden and stress in your life. For the loneliness part, we are all alone in this world. We make a few relations during our course of life and then every one of us will leave for our journey.

Stay Positive.

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