Cultivate Reading Habit…

The clutch on reading…

The following article written by me is published in today’s Vashi Times Newspaper. I am happy to share it here...

“We read to know that we are not alone”- C.S. Lewis. 


We cherish many things in our life. We reach out to many different activities in our spare time. Reading is one of the many activities most of us chose to do. And why not? Reading has a unique power of mental exertion which unfolds many layers of life. We all see the growing trends of mobile gaming and libraries having less of readers. Honestly, nothing can be blamed because growth is inevitable and technology makes it easier. But if we inculcate reading in our life it would endue with far greater sharpness of our psyche. There is a world of possibilities outside our little celestial sphere. We can invite these stars of books into our sky of mind. And what makes this happen is our reading habit. It may be difficult to grab a book of 200 pages plus but once you begin there is no cessation.  

I have heard from people who say reading books other than academic is a prodigal activity. And on the other hand, I have met people who consider reading as a big-ticket to the world of ventures. Reading also changes our perspectives on different matters and we will start having conviction about the things going around us. Compel your mind to drive through this world of books. You will be overwhelmed at first but gradually the zest will keep up the spirit of reading. Exposing yourself to the literature world is a gift that you can give to your mind. Those fiction characters will turn your life like a rollercoaster, non-fiction will make you realize about the importance of life, autobiographies will inspire you to scale new horizons, thrillers will make life interesting. There is a sense of refinement in our thought process that will able us to think better when reading. In today’s world communication plays a vital role in the development of one’s life. Reading helps us to be decorous and dogmatic with our facts.  

We all are busy with daily mundane activities. And finding time to read becomes a task in itself. But invest your time now in reading which will reap benefits in future. Especially, youngsters and children who feel reading is not worth your time should always remember that training your mind for future exposure will come from vast reading.  Mason Cooley once said, “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are ”. Books are like anchors which support our life and give reasons to rejoice many expression of life. You will feel a strong urge of doing things to better your understanding. So put on the habit of reading something meaningful. 

Nowadays, we see libraries being shut down due to lack of readers. On a positive note, I have observed libraries like Just Books, Nerul taking genuine efforts to make reading a habit among people of all age groups. The feeling of reading at a peaceful place to relax our mind from deadlines and daily chores is momentous. There are many boons to reading and it simply becomes a cycle of knowledge with a constant rise. Start having a reading group or simply join one. In this technological advance era, you can also have an online library and reading friends. Apps like Kindle will help you read thousands of books on the go or simply invest in buying books and build your own library. Start a bonny and long-lasting relationship with reading and the returns will be worth your time. Age with the characters you will read in books. Adapt nicer qualities, project out your insights and you will see a change in you and then the world. 

The world can be better seen from a wise man perspective than someone who is unperceptive. Our life is like those chapters in a book with many characters, surprises, suspense, romance and more. Read and become wise than otherwise. And like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. 

Since this is the first column of mine, I thought of a better start by writing on a topic which is stupendous and that is reading. When we have this infinite sky, why do we have to just become an observer? We can become the stars by reaching that height by reading. Always knot a tie on this- Literature world has no endings but only beginnings. 

Stay Positive


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