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The Unsung Idol- “Father”

Hello Readers,

A heartfelt article about a hero.

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way- Unknown

We worship and dedicate our lives to the almighty. But he has sent an idol into our life who we call “DAD”. Different appellation with one meaning of love and protect. He is a person who will never show his emotions even if he has arrows stabbed into the heart. That invisible emotion is like a shield which fends his family. He appears to be tough and rough but with the heart of a child which gets affected even by the slightest feeling. They enjoy all your success secretly and feel deeply proud of you. It’s not just because he is your father but he sees you and your dreams through him.

We call him our hero, first love, teacher and many more titles. The pillar who we all are attached to lean on because he is always there to support us. He will make the path for you much easier, that is because he walks in first and takes all the obstacles on him. It is our father who teaches us to value ourselves by showing how to stand on our own feet and take on the world. There is a lot of sacrifices he goes through to provide the best of things in our life. It’s rather difficult sometime to understand his feelings. He may act as if there is only hatred towards you but in his heart, he saves you from all the evil forces. Even though he does many of his duties but will never crave for praises. And that is because your smile is the gift- the unspoken emotion. It is arduous even to him to keep up the quality of our life. But his work never ceases even for a day. There is no expiration date for the affection he has bestowed upon his children’s.

There are times when he opposes your ideas or vision. It may appear as a question to us has to why he says so, only to envisage better routes of thinking. What if the piling of a building is not done correctly, the building will eventually fall. It’s the basic foundation step to make the building solid as a rock. The same goes for his teaching for our life. It’s in order to raise his child with a rock-solid future. Like Billy Graham said, “A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society”. I remember a small incident from my vivid memory which goes like this- A man was trying to cross the road and due to heavy traffic, he couldn’t walk past. He made a sudden move and a speeding car hit him, the man fell down and lost his conscious. People got gathered and tried to wake him up since there was no sign of blood. Much later he finally got back to his conscious state. Everyone was enquiring about his state. It is then I heard him saying to a fellow person that, ”All I could remember when I was hit is my daughter’s face”. It is not only him but all father’s think about his family every moment of existence.

So when I decided to write on this topic about father and how much I can write on, got me really excited. But soon I realized that it’s difficult to express him in words. Since he is an emotion attached to everyone’s heart. I once read these lines somewhere, “God took the power and qualities of nature in small quantities and started adding them one by one. Finally, he was ready with his masterpiece and so he called it DAD”.

This is a poem penned down by me when I thought how special fathers are and was to many.

He is the universe
Where the stars are his family
From holding your tiny hands
To grabbing you by shoulders
There is a long way to go
He who provides the love of eternity
With a heart of the deep ocean
And silent waves where his family survives
Is known as a “father”
From the very first day
You were born
To an infinite year
He starts the journey of fatherhood
He will walk through eternity
A title very special to mankind

I am who I am because of you “DAD”…

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