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Put a closure to drug abuse


A poster message, “Bury them or they will soon bury you – Choice is yours”.


The increasing amount of victims of drug abuse is afflictive. The rise in youngsters is even more painful to consume. Any addiction in any form is life-threatening. But it’s also seen in people from all walks of life. Some recover through recreational activities and some by drug prescription. And it’s a no brainer that it takes a serious toll on the wellbeing. It detaches a human from his surroundings and family only to feel isolated from all the happiness.

How do people start using drugs? To that, there are many answers and poses different reasons. It always starts from just to try phase to serious withdrawal symptoms. According to research, illegal drugs are not the only ones which are harmful but medications such as painkillers, tranquillizers can cause problems if not taken according to the said limit. But let alone of the usage of drugs will not cause substance abuse. It’s the frequency and the limit which turns problematic in life. Anything and everything over the limit is harmful and there can be high chances of having an addiction to a particular thing.

Frequent use of drugs alters the brain function. It interferes and changes normal functionality. It can be as simple as exercise, judgment, eating etc. The inhibitory functions of the brain are besotted which causes trouble in stopping. Then usage increase when the person starts to feel different and free from worldly thoughts. People think they can stop the use of drugs at any time but gradually it affects the brain. And finally, addiction happens when the person decides to put an end to it but then it traps in and stoppage becomes very difficult. Since our brain is wired to step again on good experiences only to fulfill its urge. The chemical messenger called “Dopamine” triggers the feeling of intense pleasure in the brain and hence to reach the same feeling again people fall into using it. There are biological and psychological risk factors involved which can develop into disorder. And to curb and procure success on this is a task on itself. Yes! It’s time-consuming and challenging to overcome any addiction. But gradually the body will be devoid of it.

People react differently to the intake of drugs. And again not everyone becomes addicted. Seeking help from a therapist, getting counseling, medicine etc. is the way which leads to recovery. The treatments can also vary according to the patient and will be often reviewed and modified through the way out. Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) said, “The brain changes can be persistent, which is why drug addiction is considered a “relapsing” disease”. People in recovery from drug use disorders are at increased risk for returning to drug use even after years of not taking the drug. Despite knowing the harmful effects of drug usage, people continue to use it and that is how much addiction has taken charge in their brain. But addiction and drug use is preventable and can reduce it by a combination of therapies. This includes detox of substance abuse, mental health recovery which if it is severe then the patient is referred to drug addiction treatment centre called “Rehabilitation”. There are groups which help with addiction problems. They generally support emotionally and contribute to become a better person.

With proper care and treatment, anybody can overcome harsh situations in life. Things which are negative should be kept at bay and should not wait to hit rock bottom. Drugs will not solve any problems but it is one of the problems that you can solve though it takes time and patience to get back to normal. There is always a second chance to recover from the damage. Remember it’s never too late for the recovery. But it always starts with the person’s willingness to change. Gaining an ample amount of courage, strength and support from family members and seek help to form a drug-free life, overcome those urge from substances and win over the addiction.

Euphoria should be attained without drugs. Live a drug-free life.

Stay Positive





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