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Start Up Your Ideas

When you are small, you have to be very focused and rely on your brain, not your strength- Jack Ma

If you realize that you have big dreams of starting up something by your own. Then it’s time to work up your ideas. Having an implicit idea is the first step and then comes the path to build on. The idea should be feasible and should have good back support of research. Forming a complete picture and protocol will help to produce an ample amount of success in very stages. Always make sure to plan various ways to work up the ideas, not only with plan A but with B, C, D etc.

The other sides of succeeding in your plan are believing in yourself, stop procrastinating, and working up to never give up. If you’re a hard working person than why not to work for yourself. There will be negative people around you or in your circle who will discourage you to take a step forward. It’s always better to stay away from such people and excuses. Never ever self-doubt your capabilities of what you can do. Fearing failure is just an illusion we make because there is a lack of confidence. Your plans may not come out completely formed at the initial stage, they will turn into clear water when you start them and when it’s well researched.

If you think that there is a lot of investment involved to start your business. Then probably the answer is no. You don’t require a huge amount to visualize your dreams. Nowadays there are virtual assistants to help you build your ideas. There are startup loans given by the government, investors, grants etc. And a lot of support and advantage is given to women entrepreneurs. There are many start-up companies having an upward growth. People are also investing in ideas to become into reality. “Make in India ” initiative is becoming dynamic in our country. People are looking to boost the business which directs innovation and development. As per the startup India hub, there is “Startup India Learning Programme”- a free four-week online course. This course provides an ample amount of information and guidance to the new entrepreneurs as to how to articulate and planning of the business ideas. Startup India also provides Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) assistance at very low cost. They also provide support throughout various steps and educate aspiring entrepreneur. Even foreign investors are looking for startup companies to join hands.

There is huge potential in the market for startups. The constant growth, emerging nations, innovation and technology-driven people are the signs of future development. Angel investors and capital funds from abroad are a big boon for our country. Some example like Flipkart, Olacabs, Snapdeal etc. One of the biggest advantages of startups in our country will be employment. It is said that there will be 2.5 lakh jobs generated in the next five years. Hiring talented people across the country will have an increase in employment rates. Startups in various fields are coming up which are healthcare, educational, beauty, biotechnology etc. These startups not only acts as a boost to the countries growth and development but also making people’s lives easier, affordable and services at convenience.

Always remember – Your mind is a magnet. It will attract what you’re thinking. If you think positive, it will attract only positivity into life. This is called “Law of Attraction”. Similarly, believing that you can do and succeed in various things in life. And the only actual formula for a successful business or life is value, hard work, persistence, consistency, patience and a plan to work. Value the time that you have now because that’s the only thing which will not return. You can educate yourself by reading books by great entrepreneurs like – Be obsessed or be average by Grant Cardone, Deep work by Cal Newport, Shoe dog by Phil Knight, Invisible influence by Jonah Berger, Start with why by Simon Sinek etc and many more. There is no age and education limit to start something on your own. The point is to just “START”.

The most effective and productive ways of successful people are-

Not paying attention to the unnecessary matter
Working on a few percents effectively
Taking breaks
Avoid perplexity
Set time limit and allocate in a proper manner
An inspiring space to work
Making use of every minute
Using technology to the best

Be your own boss as early as possible – Bill Gates

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