That old artist…

Hello Readers,

Here comes another small thought story.

This story is about an old man who is an instant caricature artist. I happened to see him this Saturday at the mall. He sits near the food court where most people gather. I was observing him for a long time. Everyone went up to him and just enquired about the charges and passed by. I could probably notice that he was eagerly waiting to get some work but maybe because of some reasons no one made any.

On his table was two huge files which had many of his work. Everyone appreciated his work. I was really impressed by the way he greeted people and explained different art forms he does. He charged 300 rupees (approx 5 dollars) for making your instant caricature. People thought it’s too expensive and passed by.

However, I thought he was charging for his art, not for the pen and paper. And also the mall will not give the space for free. He was also charged for space he utilized. After observing for a really long time. I decide to make my caricature.

Here it is…

I didn’t make this for any sympathy which I felt towards him. Yes, he is an old man who travels all the way to the mall, have a small family to support. But his art is precious. And that’s what I fell for… Because “Art is priceless”.

Comment down your thought below.

Stay Positive.

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