Review: All-new Amazon Kindle (10th Gen), WiFi E-Reader, 2019

Hello Readers,

This is a sponsored post. Sponsored by my parents 🙈

It’s good to move with technology by not forgetting what we have and had is always amazing.

Here’s my take on the all-new Amazon Kindle 2019…

Firstly, I love reading books (physically) and I have built a small library for myself. But I always wanted to try Kindle.

Hint! Anything which is related to books I would like to try. Hint!

A) because it’s an easy option when you travel and

B) also, you can read all those academic books anywhere and everywhere without bothering how heavy some books are…..😜

Why you will love kindle?

You will love kindle if you are a bookworm and don’t want to own every physical copy of books

If you’re tech-savvy

If you want to travel light and want to carry books then Kindle is the best option for you

Holds thousands of books and PDFs

You can buy books at a much cheaper rate and also for free

Buy my book here:

Why you don’t want to use Kindle?

The feel of a physical book- If you’re the one who loves to hold a book in your hand while sipping your tea or coffee.

You’re an old school type and don’t want technology to overcome you

And you don’t mind carrying some books while travelling ( actually even I don’t mind)

Let’s begin with the specifications of the all-new Kindle 2019…

The 2019 kindle now comes with built-in light and lets you read indoors and outdoors, day and night for hours without straining your eyes.

I have to say that the battery is amazing. It lasts for days. It also depends on how much you will read on Kindle.

The display of kindle feels like real paper. You will know that when you turn pages in kindle.

There’s an inbuilt dictionary, highlight anything or everything important, will also translate words for you.

In short a pocket library for you.

6” touch display – 167 PPI, WiFi (4GB)

The box includes- Kindle (10th generation), USB charging cable and built-in rechargeable battery

Price: 7999 (INR) approx 115 dollars

If you wish to buy one:
All-New Amazon Kindle 2019

Kindle case:
Kindle Case

If you don’t know by yet. My book – It’s a carnal world (A collection of poems) released a few weeks back. So I got my kindle as a gift from my parents and that’s why it’s sponsored by them. If you guys are reading this – Thank you so much 🙏

And that’s why I thought of reviewing the all-new Kindle 2019. And yes, Suvidha ( The Owl’s Story) if you’re reading this – You’re the witness!

Comment down your thoughts about the Amazon Kindle 2019. Do you use one or thinking of buying one?

Thank you for your readership

Stay positive

Please Note – “Some links are affiliate links”.

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