Things to own…

Hello 👋 All,

These are certain things which are useful and great options to gift someone.

Here’s the list…

1) Now it’s all about sustainable living. Using eco-friendly products.

So let’s say no to plastic..

Stainless Steel Straw and cleaner

Bamboo/Charcoal Toothbrush

Bamboo Cutlery

Wooden Comb

2) Musical Instrument

If you’re someone who always wished to learn some musical instrument then Kalimba is for you. It’s easy to learn and portable. It produces such a soothing sound. Kalimba is my second devotion after the violin.

Kalimba (Thumb Paino)

3) Tibetan Singing Bowl

Also known as meditation bowl. It produces such a deep sound that helps you to concentrate.

Benefits of Tibetan bowl – Reduces stress, lower anger and blood pressure, promotes happiness and so many more.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

4) This one is particularly a great gifting option. It can be a little extra but those who love books will understand how to protect books from getting dog ear.

Book Sleeve

5) If you’re an organising freak then this is a must-have.

Amazon Basics organising case.

6) Now, this is my favourite and that is – Kindle. Helps you read anywhere, stores thousands of books.

All-new kindle 10th gen, Wifi

If you wish to buy one:

That’s all

Stay Positive

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