Interests to develop in your life…

Hello Readers,

I am glad to say that I have developed certain interests over the years now and also hope to catch up on some more in my life.

I think having passion, interests or devotion towards something is an integral part of life. It cleanses your system by removing negative thoughts.

So here are some interests which you can think about taking into your life. I think it’s a perfect time since we are soon approaching 2020.

Let’s make solutions to our problems.

1) Take interest in yourself-

I know.. I know.. This one has to be your top priority. Taking care of self is a no brainer. Love yourself. It’s only when you can take life with much more happiness.

This includes being healthy – Physically and Mentally.

Things to do here-
• Go for a walk/ Do yoga/Basically remain active
• Take care of your skin and hair- Have a minimal routine
• Eat and drink right
• Meditate
• Stay positive – Always

    Tibetan Singing Bowl for Meditating

2) The Habit of Writing-

It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not. But just write your heart out. It can be anything like stories, poems, articles etc. Keep a diary to track down your notes. You can also start a blog. And just see how you improve the skill.

It’s this year that I released my book on poems. I used to write poems and stories often. But I was doubtful whether I could ever be able to release my book. But you see it’s possible.

Buy my book here:

3) Learn a musical instrument-

Music is powerful. Learn something simple or complex. Choose one instrument and develop a devotion to it. It’s a magical world to be in.

I have rekindled with my passion for the violin. And I also started taking lessons in kalimba.

4) Painting/ Craft/Sketching-

Just play with colours. Paint anything – Whatever you like but just do it.

Some of my paintings and sketches-

5) Journaling-

Track your time, mood, schedule by beautifully jotting down on a journal.
Maintain a journal to write your thoughts, ideas etc.

6) Reading/ Audible-

Reading is something which doesn’t need an explanation. Reading helps to calm your mind, transports you to places etc. I personally have built a small library with my books. It’s little now but on the way to add more.

Read books physically or on Kindle.

Books I recommend post-

If you wish to buy one:

You can also use Audible to listen to books. 

7) Collection-

Do you remember something you used to collect?

Yes! You can develop an interest just by collecting a particular thing or something passionately.

8) Own something –

This can be your interest or passion which turns into your business. Have something to say – That’s Mine!

9) Cooking-

I think this is more like a life skill. Make simple things to start with and grow gradually. Cooking is also meditating. 😇

To have an interest in life which will last forever. Include these things in your routine and see how your life changes. Have passion, devotion towards something which will result in positivity in your life.

Comment down your interests and also suggest some!

Stay Positive.