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Ever read the story of five women who held court before the war (Kurukshetra)

The book is so relevant in today’s times. The book tells us a story about how Draupadi, Kunti, Mahamata Satyavati, Gandhari and Rukmani held a brief discussion right before the war.

You can see how women support each other and admire their beauty and intelligence but at the same t, time Mahamata Satyavati doesn’t want the war to happen.

Draupadi who was disrobed in front of the royal assembly wants the war to happen because of all the humiliation she suffered. Her wrath is something you can imagine while reading the book. She doesn’t want such a heinous act to happen to any other women.

A book which gives a women perspective about the war. The book leads on to tell how and why the war happened and the conclusion by Shree Krishna is something which gives the whole meaning of the war.

His explanation about each woman as the element of water, air, fire, space and earth is something which tells us how crucial is the role of women.

Like he said, “War is the sacrifice to the fire”.

A must-read book to understand how powerful decision was taken and why the war happened from a women’s perspective.

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