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Ambivalent Liberation- New Year Special Poem

Hello Readers,

Happy New Year (2020)

Looking forward to a series of good aspects to fill in life. May this year be the best year in everyone’s life.

Starting this year with a poem…

Ambivalent Liberation

O Devi, 

My devotion upon you is pondered

You have down seeds of

Tapasya in my psyche

I am now fertile 

O Devi, 

I have washed my soul with my tears 

Every drop of it carefully measured

Cogitating what to do before

I am given emancipation

O Devi, 

The feeling of rejuvenation has began

From the inception of theories

Till the end of hypothesis

O Devi, 

My breath has been antecedent

Before parting in five elements*- 

Bhumi (Earth),

Jala (Water),

Agni (Fire),

Vayu (Air) and 

Aakash (Space)

O Devi, 

The feeling of an uncaged bird 

Freeing from confined inward

Pushing all boundaries

Only to surrender before you

O Devi, 

My life showed ambivalence

In every possible perspective

Until one day,

When everything became austere

O Devi, 

Casting somber in my soul

The moment of self-realization began

Started searching for my inner grave

O Devi,

Finding you within me

Enlightened all senses

I have reformed from my on prison

O Devi,

I have attained my liberation

I am mixing the reflection 

Of oneness into the universe

*The cremation ceremonies of Hindus are directed towards returning the body to these elements.

Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comments section.

Stay Positive.

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