Old Man Hippie (Story Time)

A conversation with an old man hippie! Strange and weird linings of my conversation with him.

The time when I met him…

A rather fragile being in his 70s with a rare sense of philosophy. Grounded to the existence makes you believe that there is a parallel world.

I had a few questions to ask him-

Reality buster is what I named the old man(hippe)

So what and who are you? ( oops what did I ask )

His reply, “A mass with spatial and temporal”. Amazed as I was with a quick response.

And who?

He- Hahahahah….. A timed atom!

You mean —–

He- I mean, a person on earth who is timed and will begin a different genesis as soon as he finishes his life.

That’s a catch… Interesting

So you believe in knots? ( I meant relations )

He – Emotional or practical?

Hmmm… Both

He – I am a tribe….. I believe to have someone when needed.

So you don’t acknowledge marriage?

He- You want a straight answer?

Yes! Of course

He – No

Could you elaborate –

He- I got married when I needed it and not when I wanted it to happen. I placed my senses above. So left when needed.

Did you leave all worldly pleasure?

He- Absolutely not. I may seem like a normal traveller of mind but it’s not me. My psyche is travelling in my body with rather vicious thoughts.

I don’t want to ask you questions anymore but want to listen to your life sounds.

He- Do you want to listen to my life’s sound? My life takes the form of a poem written with the silence of the ocean.

Poetry! (Something which is close to my soul)

He- So here it goes

He who knew everything

Like “Jack of all trades”-

Master of none

That photo still have a mystery eyes

Those hazel coloured eyes

I saw him in the mirror

Those striking red shoes,

Long-beard like salt and pepper,

Reflecting brown hairs,

White linen shirt,

Green artist pants with paint drop,

Elongated fingers, the nerves were painted,

Earrings dangling with obvious silver colour

In that vintage house

He is a painter, violinist, visionary and more

He is at young seventies and untied with knots

Who feared nothing

Such a manly appearance, roaring speech

He is a love poem

A soothing voice like kalimba tunes,

Warm hands, rhythmic heartbeats,

The oceanic smell, those two fleshy folds

That surrounds the mouth

Always tasted like vanilla

His energy cannot be matched

His aura is divine

No modern margins suit him

He is a classic sinister

Growing antique with

Modest thinking like wine

Chasing usefulness to be a companion

But lacks emotional warmth

That’s not my fault

Tired of questions from society

Just be little sensitive

Towards me

Not sympathetic

My trials fail to be function normal

But this torrid feeling never leaves me

Senescence is for my body not for my soul

That intense look in his eyes

Showed me the world or rather the universe

“He belonged to the parallel universe”.

And then he leaves…..

I saw him fade away not abruptly but leaving a message for me.

Learn life, not by instructing but by understanding

Comment your thoughts down below.

Stay positive and safe

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