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Stages of Rejection.

Hello Readers,

Let me ask you – How are you?

Hope you’re safe and doing well.

Let’s face it. We all must have gone through one or multiple rejections in our life. All of us know how much it takes to compensate that feeling. It can be any kind of rejection but bringing us back to normal requires a certain time.

Here, I am going to dissect the stages of rejection. I don’t know whether I am addressing this correctly. Nevertheless, let me try. You’re welcome for any suggestion, comments, and criticism. I will take it with a pinch of sugar…

That one thing which you never forget! Created a shock in your life. Events turned upside down. Which ultimately becomes the part and parcel of life!

And that is – Rejection

What I have figured out about rejection is that there are many layers attached to it. Everyone must have experienced at least once in their lifetime. The reasons are many but the feelings are the same.

So, what are the stages of rejection?

Let’s begin…..

Stage 1: The shattering confidence

The initial stage where you feel everything is going according to the strategy. You feel confident and build up your dream.

But wait…..Don’t overthink.

Because it’s going to shatter at any moment. And that happens.

You know the hard push that your life gave you. You feel all-time quiet and might experience rock bottom. Coming days you will only think about how life chose you for this experience.

But somehow you will manage to come out of it. You have to!

Let’s proceed…

Stage 2: Activating your motivating genes

So, you know what happened and decide to come out with many struggles. You keep checking on motivations around you. If your environment is positive then you are lucky and if not – You probably depend on motivational talks, quotes etc.

And now you start feeling better if not the best. Because you just got to know that you’re not alone.

Now, you’re building up – Slowly. Please don’t rush.

Stage 3: The Reversal Tactic

Sometimes it’s a useful technique. Reverse your thoughts. Basically, think as if they didn’t deserve you or you couldn’t fit in. The rejection can be from any source. But this technique works with any kind of rejection. This reversal technique will boost your inner self. Any situation can become less if you chose to stand on it. Wow, I need to spat on my back for writing such epic lines.

There you go- Like a spring you bounce back and almost ready to face life again.

Stage 4: The Realization

You know that life gives you a better and best opportunity when it’s your time. Yes, you need to wait for that time. But you know, best comes to people who wait patiently. If something is worth you, it will find it’s way to reach you. Realization is the biggest lesson in our life. We need to appreciate our efforts and time.

Remember, life gives you rejections because it wants you to understand your prosperity.

Drama over! Life begins….. These are my perception and it will differ from person to person.

All I have to say is-

Rejection is an illusional thought, just to make yourself better- Vrinda Nair

Comment your thoughts below. I would appreciate that.

Stay Positive and Stay Safe.

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