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Flip Your Life

Hello Readers,

Sharing a glimpse of the experience life taught me.

There was a phase in my life, which didn’t go according to my plan. A state which I couldn’t explain it to anyone. But there is one aspect- I never said, it’s my dreadful time.

Why did it happen to me?

Perhaps, I was the chosen one.

A small word which goes on till existence is – HOPE

Instead of complaining and keeping expectations, I decided to change my predicament. I started to evolve. A decision to become a perpetual learner. I started investing my time and energy in doing various things. Developing skills by taking courses, published my book (goal), revived my lost interests like painting, music, blogging, designing etc. I discovered that I can learn anything.

I don’t restrict the knowledge gained to my field anymore. I am open to ideas which can interlink everything I learn.

When I ponder over my exploration which gave me many titles, I can’t claim the situation was unpleasant back then. It was during that time I became an author-poet, started a small store through an app and eventually did the garage sale, and learned how consumer psychology works, travelled, wrote articles with a newspaper, writing blogs consistently, design various courses, and now a life coach. This learning continues even now and hopefully ahead.

Learn life by understanding not instructing.

Stay positive and Stay Safe.

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