My lost passion…

Greetings...It was once my only passion. Perfecting the art, every time I performed. Somewhere along with the time it just faded away. I will not make an excuse of insufficient time. No never!But I lost you due to my fault.  It was recently, I opened my treasure box and saw their glimpse. Rummaging through old... Continue Reading →

A Record Holder! + (New Book)

Hello Readers, I am extremely delighted to compose this post. I am a record holder now... India book of records has confirmed my record for writing a 26 lines poem in alphabetical order both at the start and end of the line. The title of the poem is Abuzz. Read my record poem in my... Continue Reading →

My Adopted Self

Ever since I was born I constantly searched -- For that mark of identity Mirror to mirror conversations lead to false impressions Sheer darkness covered my thoughts A placed appeared to be whimsical I placed my sheet To let know of my identity A mixture of connections occurred in habitat A call of Visionary --... Continue Reading →

A conversation with my shadow…

“Read Carefully” A bright day..... Sunshine’s and brought a smile. Shadow comes in... Slowly Falling adjacent to me! And said, “You have become independent”. Oh! Look who says... I have to! Why? Ha hah hah... You leave me alone when I am in dark and what I am I suppose to do? Becoming me! Shhh...... Continue Reading →

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