A conversation with my shadow…

“Read Carefully”

A bright day….. Sunshine’s and brought a smile.

Shadow comes in… Slowly

Falling adjacent to me!

And said, “You have become independent”.

Oh! Look who says… I have to!


Ha hah hah… You leave me alone when I am in dark and what I am I suppose to do?

Becoming me!

Shhh… That’s because there is an absence of light.

I know!

But listen, don’t you think, I am always within you.

Is it? Of course, I am your reflection. And you can see me when there is light.

We are inseparable companions. I am your only follower in the world with the same thinking.

Ya! You’re right…


How did you know that I have become independent?

A few days back, when you arrived home after work. Made your dinner, did some pending work and switched off the lights. I noticed that your mind was in absolute darkness. A place where I am restricted. You were thinking a lot. Conflicting thoughts and the constant arrival of conclusions. I got scared.

The place was frightening and you were alone. I couldn’t help you.

Your mind played games and restored all the memory. There was serious laughter, serious emotion, and serious talking.

I got confused!

There was a light source! But that was not enough…

There was music playing in the background.

I confirmed, that you got trapped.

But then,

Your inner call arrived… And then you woke up.

In the morning, I saw no such traces of worries in you. You continued the work and laughed. I saw you were so cheerful and I thought, you know how to overcome your bad days.

What? Are you serious?

I mean… What did you just say?

Hahaha… I can’t stop laughing.

You’re funny…

You’re really innocent.


You thought I was trapped!

Ha hah hah…

My dear shadow…

The music

The talking

Thinking… Mind games!

All that was, part of the show.


I was watching Sherlock series! And dozed off…

That inner call was my alarm.

Still can’t stop laughing…

You really have a twisted reality.

I now remember what Ursula k. Le Guin said, “To light, a candle is to cast a shadow“.

And that was my laptop screen light! Got it…

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