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My lost passion…


It was once my only passion. Perfecting the art, every time I performed.

Somewhere along with the time it just faded away. I will not make an excuse of insufficient time. No never!

But I lost you due to my fault. 

It was recently, I opened my treasure box and saw their glimpse.

Rummaging through old jewellery, costumes… I lost track of time. Every material looked so new to me. I know, I lost you in time.

That’s when I decided to capture the beauty through the lens… My lost passion.

Here’s a glimpse of what my lost passion looks like. 

What’s your lost passion?

Stay Positive.

9 thoughts on “My lost passion…

  1. Oh no. Why is it a lost passion? You looked so happy and proud in those photos. I’m sure you can try it once more, maybe just for your own joy again if not professionally. 🥺🥺

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  2. I too a dancer mainly on classical and Kathak.
    It’s your born gift to dance Vrinda so that blessed gift won’t leave you in any circumstances,only thing you need to do is start again💃🙂

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