Meet My Assistant!

Greetings... Yes, I have an assistant. It's time... That I should introduce her to the world. It could have not been manageable without her. She is no ordinary type! She is very stringent with me and I have to accomplish all my work before the deadline. (That's true)! Heard of any assistant who makes you... Continue Reading →

Negotiation (Poem)

Yes! I have a skin colour I don't weigh - typical My imperfections - They become my strength My endurance is beyond imagination I choose to be silent at the juncture Not that I am vulnerable, since my resilience is much higher than the ideals I like to stand out in the throng Pushing all... Continue Reading →

Interview with Unknown…

The unknown wants to share something meaningful to you! Here are a few questions which I asked the unknown. Me: What are you most grateful for in your life? Unknown: The life itself. A beautiful creation which I cherish for eternity. Me: What life lessons did you learn from tough days? Unknown: Time heals a... Continue Reading →

Learn Morse Code

Ever wondered, people communicated through Morse code before how advanced we became in technology. Learning Morse code is intriguing. Though it looks complicated at first, it's quite simple to learn. The History Samuel F.B. Morse in the year 1830 invented Morse code. Though he started his work in electric telegraph in 1832, and possibly developed... Continue Reading →

You’re Attuned (Poem).

You looked at my tenderness, shifting focus was not your pretension. But you did it for me. Something with a wing goes dying in me. Mounting on top like a spider, a strange shadow appeared before me. I don't want to run away from you. Clinging you so tightly with my inner self. Filling my... Continue Reading →

Blessings (Short Story)…

19 January 1993 A small incident which she believes is the sign of God’s blessing. She was busy with her wedding preparation and decided to visit the temple late in the evening. While recollecting her memories, she remembered those days when she visited the temple with her aunt. Holding her hand, walking through miles to... Continue Reading →

Learn and understand your brain!

It's been a few weeks into my course -- Medical Neuroscience. It's during the course, I had this idea to write about how we can learn and understand our brain. How we can improve our learning? It's nothing secret that we can learn anything under the sun. Our brain can absorb them and process it.... Continue Reading →

Women in STEM.

Greetings... Uplifting others is her true hallmark See-through women’s heart You will see her mark! I am honoured and delighted to be featured in 1 Million Women in STEM as a Role Model for future girls in STEM. 1 million women in STEM is the biggest global women in STEM campaign. The mission is to... Continue Reading →

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