Haiku Poetry

Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry form. It consists of a three-line poem with seventeen syllables. Written in a 5-7-5 syllable count. The main focus of haiku poetry is on images from nature, or seasonal reference. Haiku gives emphasis to simplicity, zeal, and directness of articulation. It should be subtle and based on observational thoughts.

It takes a certain time to write haiku since the syllable count should be maintained throughout. Also, the third line should give some surprise element to the first and second line.

Here’s my take on Haiku Poetry

Winter pink cheeks
came along withe a
gift for the princess

Withering leaf
fell into many places as
landscape of mind

Polar lights of night
thundering sound brings the
shades of human

What’s your thought on Haiku Poetry?

Comment down below.

Stay Positive.

2 thoughts on “Haiku Poetry

  1. Man I personally find it the hardest to write. I usually write narrative poetry or prose poetry in free verse, so the limitations in the structure of a haiku makes mine sound stiff and forced. I really enjoy reading ones by others though 🙈☺☺

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