Childhood Dream!


Who doesn’t have a childhood dream?

We all must have had one. Though it changes in due course of our life. But still, we dream big.

Sometimes, it stays on, and few probably get it done. Few changes with our perspective and interest.

My interest in science grew with me. Doing research on diverse questions became my appetite. I always encourage independent research from assembling research papers to writing reviews, the list goes go.

I remember, how I made a mini-lab in my room. A microscope, glass beakers, slides and many such small instruments. Staining techniques using ink and experimenting with various such things. This grew deeper like strong roots.

DNA opens the door for you!

A girl rambling, deep down, through the depth of the ocean with a thirst to conquer. A constant search of knowledge leading her to the infinite loop of learning. A perpetual thought occurs to her! Ready for challenges.

Let her dream.

Cultivate a dream within you and see how life turns upside down.


What was your childhood dream? Comment down below.

Stay Positive.

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