I am in you (Poem)

This is not a favour

I heard the rush in you –

that was only for me

Don’t shy away…

Your mannerism is hypnotic

It feels like a special honour

Imbibing you in my senses –

when the silence of the night can be heard

Your orb unveil a rather coy response

You stood there, every day

like an unfinished sculpture

Maybe, you are…

A hear witness of my deeds

A beauty in stillness

You arise from my sensitivities

Though, I am your maker

Hurting you, which is not my intention

even though I go through the same pain

Your true hallmark prevails through ages

and that’s because of our rough days together

You will be preserved – even after my last breath

I will look upon you and the charm, you will cast

During my visit to Hyderabad, I made it a point to explore the Salar Jung Museum. I was mesmerised when I saw – The Veiled Rebecca, a beauty in stillness. She was made by the Italian neoclassical sculptor Giovanni Maria Benzoni in the year 1836. There were many sculptures around which were the epitome of beauty. But she caught my attention. So, this poem is inspired by her. I wanted to capture the thoughts of the sculptor.

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