Learn and understand your brain!

It’s been a few weeks into my course — Medical Neuroscience. It’s during the course, I had this idea to write about how we can learn and understand our brain.

How we can improve our learning?

It’s nothing secret that we can learn anything under the sun. Our brain can absorb them and process it.

But we often ask – How we can do it?

Complicating any learning is not recommended. Simplify what you learn is the key.

How to activate your learning genes?

This is from my understanding and learning so far.

1) Wake up your brain by solving puzzles, quiz, riddles!

Crazy! Right? Ignite your thinking process. That’s called Brain exercise.

2) Proper brain nutrients.

My assignment from Medical Neuroscience

Nurture your life.

3) Make your notes while learning.

Optional – use different colour pens.

Pleasing to the eyes and appreciated by the brain. We can understand better with our handwriting.

4) The most common – Don’t STRESS!

Drains your energy! So, STOP STRESSING.

5) Memorize your learning with relatable things.

Use custom codes which you can relate to and start remembering.

6) Have a keen observation.

Start by looking around you and note key points. This will help in building up your memory.

7) Visualize your knowledge

Make a rough sketch of what you learn.

8) Keep changing your pattern.

The monotonous approach can exhaust you after a certain time. So change the method of learning.

Fun tip: Put your heart into learning.

My edited sketch.

In fact, our brains are constantly updating our model about the future, so that we can anticipate that actions that happen in real-time in the world.

Become a perpetual learner.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Stay Positive.

6 thoughts on “Learn and understand your brain!

  1. Erm I understand the good intentions, but for some people with mental health issues, staying positive is what they can’t do and not stressing isn’t really an option either. For that, honestly, treatment is necessary.


    1. Of course dear. I have addressed about depression in my post called Dispatch Depression and how one can or should seek help from experts. In this particular post, I was putting lights on passive stress. Things which you cannot control and people think about it extensively which turns them helpless. Passive stress can suppress the immune system. And that was the context of the don’t Stress point. Thank you for your engagement. I really appreciate your point.


    2. I wrote a long reply to your post about depression that you had shared on this blog over a year ago after reading that one. But I’m not sure why it didn’t show up.


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