Blessings (Short Story)…

19 January 1993

A small incident which she believes is the sign of God’s blessing.

She was busy with her wedding preparation and decided to visit the temple late in the evening. While recollecting her memories, she remembered those days when she visited the temple with her aunt. Holding her hand, walking through miles to see a divine power. She described it as magical especially in the late evening — the aura is simply different. The time when the sky shows whimsical colour, a cold breeze with the smell of a fresh flower, oiled lamps which illuminate such radiance, fresh jasmine string placed near the lamp, freshly made scandal wood paste. Everything is so mystic, she said.

Throughout the day she was so immersed in her thoughts and preparation that she forgets about the visit. She suddenly remembered and went to her uncle and asked him to take her to the temple.

He said, “Dear it’s too late, and we have hardly 10-15 minutes.”

She was adamant and said, “It’s OK, still we can try.”

Through the way she thought about how she missed the timings. She finally reached the temple and noticed that the doors are still opened.

She went in and saw — The goddess with such a divine smile and aura was waiting for her.

Her uncle was so surprised has to why the temple is still open even after the time has passed to do so.

He prayed and went to the temple priest.

He greeted the priest and asked, “Is there any special pooja.”

Priest, “No, why? What happened? ”.

I just enquired because the temple is still open and the closing time has passed.

Priest, “No, how come.”

And then he looked at his watch and realized that his watch has stopped working. He then immediately ran to the deity and looked at the Clock placed in the centre of the temple. The time showed even in the main clock was wrong.

It’s the time which allowed her to see her goddess before her wedding. Her blessings are what she looked forward to.

She was so delighted and felt optimistic as to how her goddess waited for her. Maybe, it’s a coincidence or what she believes — Blessings from God. It’s the time that played a huge role in her visit. But even today, she believes it’s the divinity that wanted to see her and bless a wonderful life.


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