You’re Attuned (Poem).

You looked at my tenderness,

shifting focus was not your pretension.

But you did it for me.

Something with a wing goes dying in me.

Mounting on top like a spider,

a strange shadow appeared before me.

I don’t want to run away from you.

Clinging you so tightly with my inner self.

Filling my soul which was in melancholy.

But it rained, making me weak, numbed my senses.

You became standstill, I discovered those clouds forming bursting colours.

My sanity shouts — Mine!

Everything is sweet on those two folds

Hunting down those depths — which you left for me.

In deep solitude, night fell asleep.

It was hours of fondness, sparkled with blazing yearnings.

It felt like unending, wanderers darting each other.

Mining distance and emerging through them.

You urging not to lament with a winsome smile.

I became enamoured, long before.

Seizing my words which escaped from fantasy.

Cohering millions of slivers which left behind.

Harmony of chords that you played in rhythms, only for me.

I know your predilection, but stills it’s bewildering

and that’s your niche, caused me mirth.

Nothing lasts… Right!

Arrives the time, for departure.

A left feeling of hope, merging in destiny again.

Here I go… with a mournful goodbye.

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