Interview with Unknown…

The unknown wants to share something meaningful to you!

Here are a few questions which I asked the unknown.

Me: What are you most grateful for in your life?

Unknown: The life itself. A beautiful creation which I cherish for eternity.

Me: What life lessons did you learn from tough days?

Unknown: Time heals a lot of pain. Staying strong through tough waves is what a sailor learns. I just made that into practicality.

Me: What key moments do you recall from your life?

Unknown: Simply clutching hands of loved ones, smiling at strangers, comforting those in need without any exceptions, showing humanity.

Me: Do you have any regrets?

Unknown: Yes, I do. That I am not a superhero and I feel helpless at times.

Me: Were you honest throughout your life?

Unknown: The only thing which I echo.

Me: What are your accomplishments?

Unknown: I cared, made concerns even if I knew a person only once, saw happy faces around me, won trophies for my jokes, medals for being the best person, and blessings.

Me: Do you think, you can become better?

Unknown: What I was yesterday is my past and what I am today is my present. My past has taught my present self to be better for the future.

Me: If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would that be?

Unknown: Erase unpleasant memories. Brooding should not be promoted.

Me: Are you happy with your life?

Unknown: Hahahha… I hold up the mirror to see a person who feels joyous inside. My canvas is always filled with colours. There is no space for grave thoughts.

Me: Do you have any message for us?

Unknown: Yes, in fact, I have a letter.


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