A half-month long of blogging (What I Learnt).


This is probably a long post. Don’t skip any part, otherwise, you will miss out some vital information.

Describe me as a person who lives under the rock. Why?

Hmmm.. Not being on any social media except for LinkedIn and WordPress (okay, it’s blogging). I believe I am the last to discover the happenings. I don’t know any internet slang, often feel the short forms of the certain word – a grammatical error. I was so much into theory and practical, that I forgot that my University had freshers and farewell party.

P.S:- I don’t like parties.

So, you think, I am a nerd?

Hahaha… Absolutely No! It’s just that, I live on another planet. Honestly, it’s not because I don’t care, but I can’t get a grip of this world.

Once someone asked me, “How come you’re not on any social media”?

And here goes my dialogue- I want to have a real connection with people and not reel. As if, I have many friends. Being reserved comes with chosen people in your life. But those people are to cherish for eternity.

Next question, Oh.. So you have a tattoo(s) and you say ….. Introvert?

Hahaha… What did I reply? I steal the dialogue from my brother and say- Tattoos are the only art which we take with ourselves when we die.

So, you get the point. Right?

Then, how I evolve?

Here goes the truth- Strolling hours in a bookstore until I get a call from amma, jotting down any ideas (even the most unrealistic one), research – Aah, being in the lab, painting- sketching, playing kalimba and violin, designing various things on Canva and so on.

But, something has to change. Right? And with blogging – it happened!

The blogging Vrinda up until July 2020 and the blogging Vrinda in August 2020- What a difference!

I have to say- I was not that consistent. I mean, I wrote something when I felt like (bursting with ideas) or else it’s a no. The decision of blogging non-stop (for few days) came like a thought to test me.

Here’s my observation/learning-

Previously, when I wrote a blog post, it received hardly any comment and (few) likes. No, I am not complaining because that’s my fault somewhere. I didn’t interact with other bloggers. Though, I read many blog post.

But, it’s this month when I realized, I am trapped in the 80s. I think, even the older generation is much ahead of me. To summarize, I am socially behind. Don’t feel bad for me. I am laughing while writing this line.

P.S:- I brought an exclusive one-month subscription, only to watch DARK. Yes, I know about DARK because of my brother. I wonder, if he was not in my life, I would have been forever trapped in the 80s like Ulrich Nielsen.

So, let’s start…

Consistency is the key.

This is not for like for likes, comment for comments, follower to following. If anyone who is following my blog and reading this, please note- I like your content genuinely and read it from the start to the end and then I write a comment. Through this, I have met some really good writers (bloggers) and follow them. I honestly believe in your writing and if you get a comment in your post, its because it makes me write more not because I should also receive the same from you.

It’s okay if you don’t like my post or comment. You can happily disagree with my post. Don’t feel a compulsion that you have to like it or comment because I did. And, I would be happy to follow all the bloggers out there.

P.S:- If you receive my comment and likes at a pretty good speed that is because I have the WordPress app. I am not that much behind, technology-wise.

I think there is no misreading so far… Only then, go ahead. We are on the same page.

Why I follow, comment, and like the blogs?

Bloggers like –

Shruba (lemongrass) for her writings which sometimes reminds me of Ruskin bond.

A Man Deep for his photography and the captions.

Sunith (Perceptions) for his writings on rare nostalgia.

Nawazish (The lightening Bug) for some strong opinion writing.

My short stories and thoughts for his realistic elements in his writings.

TheTravellothoner (Bombay Ficus) for a variety of content in one blog.

To name a few – deeplyrootedbymahek, beingaware, misspuppydoc etc. and many more wonderful bloggers.

And theowlsstory (Suvidha) – where are you? My first follower!

Shilpa – if you’re reading this, I want your anonymous comment. Your message on my book launch – “Someday you are going to be someone’s favourite author”. I still preserve it. Here’s the proof.

I honestly want to mention each and every one of you but then this post won’t be enough for that and time shortage for the addition. Also, there are many more bloggers who I am yet to explore their writings.

This post is not about taking a break from blogging. Rather it’s a token of appreciation to all the wonderful writers and what I learned through my non-stop writing.

To be frank, whenever I feel that there is a message, I will write it. And I will keep on reading until my iPad has a 5% charge and then again.

Also, if you disagree with me on any point, don’t hesitate. Comment it. That will help me grow and improve my writings.

So, wishing the best and blessings.

24 thoughts on “A half-month long of blogging (What I Learnt).

  1. Consistency is key indeed, not just for blogging, but for everything else in life (personally it’s helped me write a novel, stay fit, and learn Chinese). Thanks for sharing this post. Wishing you all the best!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Aww this is so kind and sweet of you. I honestly feel to be genuine is the hardest on social media because you are encouraged to be more people pleasing instead. I’ve tried to remain genuine as far as I can and I love how you’re open to disagreements or opinions that are different from what you hold. You’re a brilliant writer, not because of how many people read or interact with your posts, but because those who do are urged to leave a note, like me. I love your writings too. So never stop or feel disillusioned. I think my favorite among your pieces was the one about the grandma you described recently who would come to the library and become a member. I talked about it to my family too. That’s how much your writings impact the people around you. Thanks for mentioning me. You’re really sweet. 😭❤❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I simply don’t have words to comment. I want to knock the like button 1000 times. Feels great that you even discuss my stories. Thank you very much for such a response. Grateful, Shruba.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Haha relatable in so many ways…

    1) I too not available on any social media, in fact I started using Nokia 105 since last 2 years… People ask me the same question that how can u survive in this time, that time my baggy smile always partners me…

    2)Dark, I want to watch that too but time doesn’t permit me to do so..

    3) I also wants to start something new and be consistent with it (to start a podcast) but really the post lockdown period consumed my whole time…

    Wishing u the best for your next…😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. People who are actually reading till “If anyone one who is following my blog and reading this” are the ones who are not on your blog for like for likes, comment for comments, follower to following.

    ps – I think you have mistakenly added “one” after anyone.


  5. Hey Vrida!

    Nice to meet you! *gives a virtual handshake* and I’m glad to have come across your blog.

    I totally get you! Till I was school, I was not there on any social media except WordPress (if that counts). Yet, in the last few years, I’ve an account on all platforms though I’m only active on Instagram and WordPress – all for the sake of my writings and just to connect with like minded people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nathi,

      Thank you so much for your comment and for taking your time out to read my blog (virtual handshake). Glad that you could relate to my post. Keeping writing and inspiring. Best wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This post was amazing….! It’s quiet important to like share and support good artists and writers. You are growing with grace mate 🙌 and like I said you are gonna be someone’s favourite author one day.

    Liked by 1 person

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