Meet My Assistant!


Yes, I have an assistant.

It’s time… That I should introduce her to the world. It could have not been manageable without her.

She is no ordinary type!

She is very stringent with me and I have to accomplish all my work before the deadline. (That’s true)!

Heard of any assistant who makes you work…!

That’s her! But honestly, she works really hard.

From organising work to memorizing, planning, developing, teaching life and many more. She is a part of me who makes everything appear so easy.

Ready to meet her?

Here you go…

Look at how she directs me!

Don’t think I am crazy.

What did this post mean to you?

A small reminder…

It’s always important to show gratitude. But, first look into the mirror and say thank you.

Sometimes we forget, in the chaos of life, there is you: Who is always within– from birth to death.

Show some love, treat yourself, give time, and enjoy your company. Don’t forget to be grateful.

Do you also have an assistant?

The sketch has a story behind – That Old Artist

Click on and see a few of my paintings.


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