Learn Block Printing (Fabric).


I remember attending a workshop on block printing on fabric and don’t know how I missed posting about it.

I was just scanning my blog and learnt I have posted quite a few- Learn this series!

To be honest, I have posted only those learn this- post, which I have tried myself. Because I feel it’s better to write it with an experience attached to it.

I personally enjoy trying different activities like painting, sketching, crafting, stitching (sustainable choice) and the list goes on. I believe cultivating activities (which you like) is equal to providing food for your creative side of the brain. Doesn’t matter if you’re perfect in them but giving it a try – That’s a wonderful feeling.

Coming back to my topic – Block Printing

Note:- All the pictures you see here. I am the only one doing all the clicks and making them!

So, block printing is a technique used in the printing textiles industry by stamping ink-dipped blocks. Now, these blocks are usually made from wood (which I use) or linoleum (the material used which consist of solidified linseed oil and other components).

History: Block printed fabrics date back to the Indus Valley Civilisation (3500 to 1300 BC). Each block print is symbolic and for which you can always check some famous prints like Dabu (Rajasthan), Ajrakh (Gujarat), and many more.

From my experience, this is one of the simplest methods (if you have readymade materials) but a tedious one, if you start from scratch, (right from craving out the designs and fabric).

You get readymade stamps with different designs and all you got to do is just dip the block in fabric paint and stamp it. That’s your custom made fabric.

Make sure you sundry it for a good print, iron them (to set your designs in place permanently), and use for further purpose.

Here’s a wooden block design which I use quite often…

Wooden block design

In block printing, you have absolute control over which design to place where. Hence, creating your own fabric design is what you can look forward to.

Always start with a small fabric and once you get your hands on the printing mode then go ahead and design your heart out. You can take this as a hobby or can make a small business with your designing skills.

Whichever way you follow, don’t forget to have fun with block printing.

Displaying a few of my work… Where you can also see some imperfections.

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