Who and What is Solopreneur?


You all must have heard about Entrepreneur. So, there is no need to introduce it again.

Then, let me focus on solopreneur. Who and what is a solopreneur? Though the meaning is not something new, it’s fascinating to know the word.

Solopreneur is someone who manages, organizes and calculate the risk of a business or enterprise without the help of a partner.

If you have a great business idea and love to work independently then you might enjoy the journey of being a solopreneur.

You basically wear a pair of shoes with different designs. You are the founder and the employee of your business. Sounds great!

Though, it can be tedious at times to handle all the work. But also, it’s reported that around 82% of people feel happy to work on their own according to Hubspot.

To maintain a smooth flow of work, at times, solopreneur also hires freelancer or contractors for some crucial steps. Not on a permanent basis.

Someone who defines as a freelance writer, social media manager or consultant with their own venture are some examples for the solopreneur.

Solopreneurs can operate worldwide in this day and age with the power of the internet.

There are endless possibilities of being a solopreneur now with such a plethora of information around us. We have access to courses, articles and business ideas floating all over the internet. If you wish to handle your own business and have a great idea too. Then, look on to the possibility of becoming a solopreneur.

Imagine being your own brand, scheduling your timings, creating your own workspace, success or failure (both are yours), and being adventurous is some of the extras.

Oh yes! We also have a term called Wantrepreneur: someone who aspires to be an entrepreneur.

Now you got it, which one do you fall into or want to become?

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