Gifts For Book Lovers!


Ever since I saw this post on Pinterest, I always wished to add a few of my favourite gifts too. If you follow my blog, then it is not a new revelation that- I am a Bibliophile.

My pursuit of writing and reading has directed me to publish three books so far which you can always check here.

I have tried to curate a few gifts which you can always present to a book lover. Trust me!

Note: All the products shown here are owned by me.

1) Bleeves (Book Sleeves): To protect your books from getting those creases especially if you carry your book(s) with you. I completely understand those creases are heartbreaking. *As a proud owner of 300 plus books*

I take care of my book whenever I carry it in my handbag. So, it’s like a bookcase and a great gift idea too. Also, you get them in different designs and/or you can make one (which I tried).

Bleeves aka Book Sleeve from Books etc
This one I made it from old jeans as a sustainable idea.

2) Secret Book Safe: Looks like a dictionary but there is a secret in it. So, it’s a book locker to keep your important elements or use it as a pretty storage box. If you keep it with other books, no one will have a doubt about it.

Oops! The secret is out now…

Not a dictionary but a book safe box.

3) Bookmarks: Never underestimate the power of a bookmark. Hahaha! It’s simple, beautiful and a gift to remember. Bookmarks will help you to not fold your book pages which are otherwise known as dog ears. *Peeps… Please don’t fold your book pages*

Just a few collections of my bookmark.

4) Kindle: Yes yes…! Kindle can’t replace physical books. But it’s a great option for those who like to read and store books in their pockets. And a great gift option for those who are thinking to gift something special. I have done a brief post about the Kindle here.


5) Book Reading Stand: You know the struggle when you read a book for hours at a stretch. Holding books and your arms giving up. So, I found this stand really helpful. *I sound like those TV ads*

Just place your book and read…

Indeed a Life Skill…. Hahaha!
Book Reading Stand

6) Journal: Gift a journal and see happiness. This one is a great gift to a bibliophile (not just them). So, the journal can keep a check on all the books which you have read and yet to finish.

7) Memopad/Pocket Notepad: For a reminder! Personalized one will definitely add up for a brownie point.

8) Inspirational Journal/Sketch Book: Easy to carry, to jot down quotes or for doodling. Also, add a colour pen.

9) PostCards: I know, in this day and age postcard is a past thing. But we can always bring it back. I remember buying these postcards from Nehru Centre and what’s special about it- It’s made by differently-abled children.

10) Membership Cards and Stationery Coupons: You can’t go wrong with the book membership cards. My favourite being from Crossword and Landmark. Also, there are many benefits if you become a bookstore member. You know…Extra discounts and early sale offer. Stationery coupons: It gives freedom to the person to buy anything which they love.

11) Card Holder: Continuing with my previous option. Gift a cardholder to keep those cards in place. I tried my hands on making a cardholder partially by adding fabric to the cover.

12) Tibetan Singing Bowl: Let me explain… Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on reading especially if you have completed a bunch of work or have some pending task and you’re mentally exhausted. I get it! That’s when this meditating bowl helps. The sound just refreshes you inside out and gives that aura. So, gift a singing bowl for the soul.

13) A cover for those glasses: Love is blind and so is reading. If you or the person you wish to gift wear spectacles then this is an amazing gift option.

Some cute spectacle cases.

14) Gift a quirky element: They add an element to the bookshelf. Some can portray a story too.

15) Fancy Envelope/ Simple Wallet/Pencil Pouch/Passport Case: No explanation needed!

16) Cinematic Light Box: It’s a unique gift option. A decorative piece with a message. Place it on the bookshelf to add that extra element.

17) Scent Diffuser/Candles: I know this might be a little weird. But there are some candles/diffusers and even perfumes which are available and they kind of replicate the smell of books. Though this is a rare option.

18) Books.Books.Books: No brainer! Gift books…Many books.

*Look how I subtly placed my book* Hahaha!

Lastly, have a group in Goodreads! Follow some great authors and read their reviews. A place for book lovers!

You can check out my Author’s Profile on Goodreads by clicking on the icon.

Though there are many more unique gifting ideas out there which you can always check on some wonderful sites.

What do you think of my list? Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.


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9 thoughts on “Gifts For Book Lovers!

  1. Aww I see Crimson Sketches card in the book safe xD
    I find it very very difficult to gift other people books. I often feel jealous when I gift a title I haven’t read myself and most of my friends aren’t into the type of books I usually read. It’s just sad. But these are some great options. Especially the book sleeves! Thanks Vrinda πŸ’œπŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Shruba. I understand the point of gifting books which we haven’t read and also our genre might be different than others. And that’s why I thought of putting some simple yet thoughtful ideas. Certain options can go with everyone. Glad that you could take away some ideas. Oh yes, Crimson Sketches is kept safe!

      Liked by 1 person

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