Knuckles… (Poem)

The voids in between remind me of that propensity

Pointing towards those excessive trust I embark upon

Uncontrolled insanity marked those emotions fibbing in nerves

It’s hard to differentiate between the known and unknown perception

Dating back those obsessed passion, pressed marks vacated in haste

Leaving all of sudden with a kiss on the knuckle

It somehow empowered the soul of mine,

which thought to have you back

Holding tight with your fingers, I endured the anguish

I acted swiftly with a shrug,

clasped my hands together to squeeze the feeling of uncertainty

Appreciable in the approach,

I saw those knuckles frozen in the hope of rising again

Sooner to see, the callus growing in between the thickened healing of mass

But buried that sympathy in the persuasion of never bending back,

not even with you between the knuckles.

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