How to invest in yourself!


This particular topic was on my checklist for ages. But of course, I couldn’t frame it as I wanted and kept this on the loop.

Investing in yourself without the guilt of feeling selfish to an extent is a necessary step. We are surrounded by different thoughts and taking out time for ourselves has become an important walk in our life.

There are many ways to find out what suits you and all the interest(s) which you have.

Here’s a small list of things to give it a try and take on a few of them.

∆ Find a guide

Having a mentor can give you insights and help you with great suggestions. There are various mentorship programs which you can enrol and get started. Be it your career goals or self-discovery. You can unleash a plethora of information on self and also get to interact with a person of a different experience. Remember to learn and invest those learnings in your life.

∆ Get a planner

Write your vision, plans, learning etc. Just have a space to inscribe your learning and future goals. Invest in a good planner to make sure you follow all the points. This also helps you in recognising any mistakes in your journey.

I know you’re probably thinking- Having a simple notebook can work? Right?

So, it will work but planners/journals have dedicated sections and pages for various motives. And it becomes easy to navigate through them to jot down your learnings.

∆ Upgrade your skills

I strongly believe in multiplying skills and frequently upgrading with facts and aptitudes. You know the most used sentence: “To broaden the horizons”. That’s exactly what I am writing about. You know what I learnt from my understanding- This life is not enough to master any topic. I mean, it’s an ocean of information. The more you learn, the more you discover. So, learn everything.

“Jack of all trades and master of none”.

But still, if you think to master one skill then go ahead without any doubt and excel in them. Don’t worry about mistakes. Make them and learn from it.

∆ Time.Time.Time

I know…I know. You must have heard this several times. But hey! Time is valued and it has some strange truth. How will you invest in yourself? If you don’t get time…..!!!

By having a reasonable time management system!

Hmmm! Too many jargons? It’s simple, we all have time but we fall short of it. Of course, you know why?

Scheduling? Management? Priority?

Because we don’t invest our time into the right slots. *I sound like motivational speaker*. And identifying those rights slots requires the right amount of patience and observation. Of course, we get those unpredicted workloads but again lend a right observation and also don’t take up all the task in the way.

∆ Challenge Yourself

Strangely, it gives straight-up confidence to try something new. But for the fact, we are all champions. We mark up our growth through struggles, face situations which are not in our favour, and life also throws up challenges from time to time.

But challenging yourself, you give a chance to rise again, learn, and discover what possibly went right instead of always finding the wrong side. A time well spent with your growth chart is something you need to catch up on.

∆ Extra-Curricular Activity

This is where most ideas come from. Believe it or not. Extra-curricular activities are like those feeds where you can get inspiration. It lets you have an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach towards learning. Take on some possibly extra activities to train yourself.

∆ Take a break and unwind

Explore your life and see the magic. This can happen when you let that fresh air in and that touches your cheek. The cold air makes you feel a bit nostalgic. I know, you must have imagined it. Invest in experience and your health. We know, it’s the most valued one.

Have you heard of – Date Yourself!

“Go on and fix a day where you spend time in your own company”.

For the last one, I am gone add the most clichéd sentence- “Read my blog and ignite your senses”.

Let me know if that’s not true! I would love to hear your opinion.

This list will go on and honestly I don’t want to take much of your time. *Wink*


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