The Artistic Scientist In Me!


I vividly remember writing an essay about – My Ambition. It was a ritual in school and I always jumped at the opportunity to write.

Ever since my ambition to become a scientist grew in me. I build up a small laboratory in my room with a microscope and other small equipment like a test tube, slides, beaker etc.

But at the same time, the art enthusiast in me went to a sleep mode. During my course, I didn’t explore much of my artwork and kept it aside.

Cut to now, I have revived the artistic soul with my scientific journey.

I make science illustrations/art for educational purpose and majorly to recreate science artistically.

Here are some of my science art…

The Happy Neuron
The Colour-Coded Chromosomes
Left and Right!
Cross Section of a Nerve
Herpes under microscope
Cross Section (Kidney)

The Drosophila artwork was tweeted by the Genetics Society of America.

Check out the tweet here.

Breathe IN and Breathe OUT!
That’s DEEP

In a process of making more…till I drop!

The materials used are different for some artwork. But I have majorly used micron pen 0.05 for the thin lines and 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8 for the thick lines.

Other materials used:

Colour pencils, watercolours, gold pen, fine liner pens, brush pen and sketch pens.

I hope you like them. Write down your thoughts and let me know your favourite among them.


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