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I don’t know what number I am to say- Journaling is a therapy. It’s an organized way to manage your schedule, goals, reminder etc. Lately, I have been learning a bunch of ways to incorporate themes in the journal. Also, doodling!

You can’t deny the fact that doodling in your journal is fun and gives you an artistic method of writing. Though there is no set method. I always try to recreate and get inspired (majorly from Pinterest) by whatever I do and see around.

Are you confused about how to start?

Brought a book and kept it for journaling? *Guilty*

I have compiled some journaling and doodling themes in this blog post. They aren’t perfect or professional like you see on Pinterest or any other platform. But it’s super easy and simple. You can get a book and a pen to begin your journaling journey.

Let’s get started…


Choose A Journal

Cover Page

Clean and Simple is the key! You can write quotes, the purpose of the journal etc.

Signs or Keys

Also called “Rapid Logging” (Bullet Journal). Mark up your task, event, notes, ideas etc. There are many more signs and keys which you can search or create something new.

How to fill in the pages!

You can use your creativity in your journal. Here are a few sample pages for your reference.

Books to read
Simple Notes-Reminder pages
Self-Care Routine Chart
Savings Jar
To do/Goals sticky notes

P.S:- I am using old paper(s), bills (which have thick paper) as a sticky note. A way to reuse.

You can also add- Habit tracker, gratitude page, travel logs and many more.


If you wish to use any materials to add elements in your journal then…here are a few suggestions for you!

Washi tapes, stamps (name or dates), paper clips, pens- Brush, Gel (coloured ones), Metallic marker and highlighter.

Personalized Stamp

P.S:- Personally loving this stamp and on a ride stamping on books and journal pages.


So..So..So… Doodling doesn’t have any rule. Get your hand to hold a pen and just draw your mind out. Remember, it’s your piece of work. Just enjoy!

I genuinely hope you must have found this post helpful. If you’re new to journaling, then this will help you greatly to set up your book.

Note: Remember to have a recreational time and get in the mode. It’s a therapeutic journey to discover self and learn from mistakes. So don’t worry if you make any errors. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Learn Journaling+Doodling

  1. I’ve journalled for a couple years now (free-writing), but now I’m changing my system to bullet journalling plus free-writing and sketching. It’s therapeutic. My pen of choice is the Pigma Micron 05, though the Unipin is similar. Awesome doodles!

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