Those True Faces (Poem)

Season Greetings... This world can be dual-faced or may have many expressions. Which one is true or pseudo is the real question. Sharing a poem from my book It's a carnal world. A personal favourite! Those True Faces When I was real as ME They called me hideous When I pretend to be OTHER They... Continue Reading →

How I do “Digital Illustrations”…

Greetings... Art in any form or method is absolute recreational time for me. It gives a distinct sense of creativity. Though, I do digital illustrations for various projects at my venture Letters@Work. What is Digital Illustration? Digital illustration involves the use of a stylus or digital pen to draw on a digital canvas. There are... Continue Reading →

Is my error, your error?

Greetings... I know - Error 404 is “not” found here! We may pay differently for our errors. Yet, it's an impending process of life. We don't get into doing something with a purpose to make errors. But like we say, Life happens! It takes time and patience to create a masterpiece. While in the process,... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Failures!

Season Greetings... Disclaimer: This blog post is probably longer than my other post. So read if you can skimp 3 minutes 37 seconds (I did calculate the reading time.) to read and 3 minutes to analyse. Thank you! Also, there will be no “heroic” ending where everything settles down into an extraordinary story. So, keep... Continue Reading →

Poetry Postcards by Letters@Work

Greetings... Poetry is a bottled fragrance which spreads the notion of poetic life. Letters@Work has come up with “Poetry Postcards”. Handmade with passion! Head over to our Instagram page and get to know more about it. Letters@Work You can also email us at: Poetry Postcards by L@W (Introductory offer) Gift a poem! We are... Continue Reading →

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