Why I Love Failures!

Season Greetings…

Disclaimer: This blog post is probably longer than my other post. So read if you can skimp 3 minutes 37 seconds (I did calculate the reading time.) to read and 3 minutes to analyse. Thank you!

Also, there will be no “heroic” ending where everything settles down into an extraordinary story. So, keep your expectations low. But I am sure, I have created some junctures (I mean words.) to take away from my writings. If you feel empowered after reading, then please pass on the inspiration to those who need it.

On the same page! Let’s begin…

I am 16 per cent sure that this title is strange and I am going to happily agree with you.

Why 16%?

Well, the tile has 16 letters!

Failure is my favourite subject. *Wink*

I always keep a track on my failures and focus majorly on them. I don’t even blame my destiny for it. We are always told to succeed in life and learn from failures. To an extent, handling success without getting overconfident can be done. But what and how to learn from failures remains an excellent question.

However, I am not going to teach you anything but very subtly will remind you what to do. I will not quote the famous “Thomas Alva Edison” quotation about failure but will remind you now!

Of course, no one prefers to fail. We all do our best to procure whatever we get into. But there is always a catch attached like those Terms & Conditions. That’s why I love failures. They are just the right amount of persuasion which holds the capability to raise a person above their limits. Failures are those techniques which yell out possibilities in times.

As mentioned, I just love to follow up with my failures and how many times I failed during all the processes which I undertook. They give me a sense of satisfaction that, I am yet to do my best.

I know! You would be probably thinking, we are humans with emotions and it’s unbearable if failure surfaces.


It’s proportional to think, if we can handle success then why not failures? Though, it’s not same with everyone (that being the point).

Then what!

So, when I published my first book with a proud feeling and gleaming eyes. I imagined people reading it and few did. But it didn’t accomplish my expectations as I thought to be. There can be various reasons like – maybe my poems didn’t resonate with people, or they didn’t want to buy a book from a new poet or author.

But did I fail?

No! I didn’t… Instead, it encouraged me to research and write more. I am not the greatest writer out there, but what will keep me on the move is H.O.P.E. (I think so.)

Likewise, when my experiment failed. I didn’t close the project; I searched for an alternative.

I tried many passion projects and couldn’t see the shores of victory. But, I didn’t stop. It’s impending to feel low throughout the uprising. Be proud of your failures which are those indebted marks of your prosperity. Because it doesn’t teach but makes you understand who and what are you.

“A lost reflection of self is an annihilating sight which shouldn’t be grown inside.”

I will make it simple…

See what you are and don’t limit yourself in things which you have the confidence to get it right. Do it anyway! Accompany success and failures together. Then do your part and see who falls into the bag. Grace both!

Easier said than done! Right?

Probably… Yes!

We can write and read endless topics on failures (just like you are reading now). But trust your instinct, when the timing is right. You will activate the right motivating gene (this line is from my book.)

See… I told you there was no heroic ending. Just a plain and simple signing off.

If you wish to read a similar style of writing of mine then you should scan the post – A half-month long blogging (what I learnt). This perhaps remains the most viewed and read post in my blog which is rare. I think you won’t regret reading it.

And yes, you’re welcome to dissect this post. Let me know if I failed to deliver the right amount of encouragement your way.

Sending lots of blessings.

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11 thoughts on “Why I Love Failures!

  1. Thought provoking, no one try to fails here, sometimes it’s situation, sometimes it’s consequences or sometimes people themselves became the whole and sole reason of their failure, though indeed necessary!!!😁😁

    “If you forget to learn from failure, you can’t say you know success.” That’s all I could say, loved the analyzing in the start, I finished it in around 6 minutes!!😅😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Why everything has to be measured on scale of success and failure… And when you published the first book, I’m sure the primary thought was just to write… the first thought should never be forgotten. It keeps us going, I believe!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The most pure writing (thought) that I have come across today !! The sense of happiness that comes at the 10th attempt after 9 failures is super precious 😃. Thank you for this beautiful content !!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s so true that we earn more from our failures than from our success. I mean just see it at face value, we achieve what we want, we take it as granted and we don’t really look at the steps as to how we reached there. It just happened spontaneously. But when we fail, we retrace our steps, we actually put in more efforts, try to figure why we failed, why something didn’t work out the way we had expected it to and when we finally bounce back after all the struggle, we are more thoroughly prepared. I used to feel bad when I got rejection letters from magazines I submitted my works to earlier but now it doesn’t hurt or bother me. Because I’ve learned to accept that it’s normal. If anything gets accepted that’s the bonus and something to be celebrated, but not getting it shouldn’t be negative, it’s just the starting point, the neutral. 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s an amazing explanation, Shruba.
      I understand it takes time to write such a comment. I can’t thank enough for placing your analysis and sharing your experience. You are a gifted writer and rejection is bound to happen. It will make you only better and also your piece of writing deserves a much better place. Let’s celebrate every phase of our life. Sending you lots of luck and blessings your way!

      Liked by 1 person

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