Revealing My Record Winning Poem!


It may sound bizarre! I have a record in writing a poem.

Believe it or not!

Back in July, I posted about my record winning moment through a blog post.

You can check the post — A Record Holder

What’s so special about the poem?

Well, it consists of 26 lines (because of 26 letters) and each line starts and ends with the same alphabet. So, the poem is in alphabetical order.

The poem got published in my book Abuzz (Kindle) with other poems. Check here for more details.


Alluring fantasy in minds of assert

becomes more mystically bewildered

Clenched through a soul connection

desired a place in your den

Ever to know your enclosure

flowing through flames

Grappled in hands of gutsy

hacked your senses to hoist

independently but analyzed your insane

jading gaze of a jackal

kneaded my thoughts like a knitter

Locked in yarns of links

Mysteriously disappeared in the morning mist

Never finding a nest

Opening for odds

Probability of staying in a dream pocket

Quenched through my quest

returning of odds in rapid

Surging my chills and swells

Toppled my token to

Urge in a space to unbox

Vehemently toward a path of victory

with your wildness

Xeroxed as a new xerophilous

Your existence prevails through youth

Zeal never dies in the hands of zest.

Heard about “Poetry Postcards” by Vrinstorio

“Poetry Postcard is my passion project”.

You can check out my webpage — Vrinstorio for more details.

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