Is my error, your error?


I know – Error 404 is “not” found here!

We may pay differently for our errors. Yet, it’s an impending process of life. We don’t get into doing something with a purpose to make errors. But like we say, Life happens!

It takes time and patience to create a masterpiece. While in the process, errors are those pin-ups in the way ahead. Though it is described as an imprudent deviation or oblivion from a set code.

Let’s frame this – Is my error, your error.

Well, the answer is no! 

For what I believe an error, is something else for you. Maybe, you made the mistake before and now – you know the consequence or you are learned/experienced enough to recognize the error. Nevertheless, we are made up of our experiences and conclusions. Hence, it’s not appreciable to mark up errors of differences. That being said, errors help us to grow because we tend to branch out with our learnings. We are capable enough to differentiate our mistakes made in the past and last (latest one).

By the way, If something goes wrong – try again! There is some technical error…

To conclude, don’t compare your growth and errors to others. It’s just that, we all perceive things differently. 

Like this…

I want to share a write-up which directs the growth I mentioned.

This is what you wanted to hear!

Here goes…

Never got accepted at one go but rejections are countless.

Pending recognition at places where you left an impact! 

Couldn’t raise millions/billions for a startup.

Peers reaching heights, which are building insecurities.

Few understand but many places judgments. 

Obstacles at everything you begin inception. 

Drowning in competitions around.

Uncertainty in business or what’s your plan after studies?

Fear of downfall greater than success?

Distressed about the future and take a miss on the present!

Easier said than done!

You know what its called, “GROWTH not struggle.” 

Just flipping the word makes a great difference.

Do you agree?

If you reached here… Thank you for reading. I am in the process of making my website and writing better. If you got a couple of minutes – Please share your feedback here. This will help me grow and strive to be error-free. *Wink*


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