How I do “Digital Illustrations”…


Art in any form or method is absolute recreational time for me. It gives a distinct sense of creativity. Though, I do digital illustrations for various projects at my venture Letters@Work.

What is Digital Illustration?

Digital illustration involves the use of a stylus or digital pen to draw on a digital canvas. There are various digital tools to develop art directly through an interface and gets translated into a digital form.

What apps do I use?

For the majority of the projects I use – Autodesk Sketchbook and Infinite Painter

They have some impressive textures and designs to work around. Adding colours and gradient effects to digital art become relatively easy with them. Bringing life to digital art is what I look forward to when I create this art form.

Additionally, I use Amziograph for mandala and certain designs. This app particular helps in creating an excellent mirror and texture title designs.

Generally, I draw a rough draft to see how my art or character would look like and then start onto the digital canvas. A stylus or digital pen makes it effortless to create precise and crisp lines.

Have a look at some digital illustrations which I created…

Audrey Hepburn
Paris is always a good idea ~ Audrey Hepburn
Koi Fish
Gradient Effect
Gradient effect adds a different texture to the art.
Oh, my dear friend!
A Character
This one is an exclusive character.

These are a few of my digital illustrations. I am diving in many more explorations in the digital art world.

Do let me know, what do you think about them.


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