Mind Travel ~ My Experience

New Year Greetings…

There you go… Sharing my mind travel experience.

There are a few things to be noted-

You can take this trip if you feel your saturation level is rising or just to unwind.

Though there is no particular time to visit this place.

Let’s begin…

I reached the destination on November 30. The trip began on December 1 which was followed by asking a few important questions. Then, you will be asked to choose a cottage, I chose the one which had a meditation space + thoughtful activities. You can also add a few external activities as per your need. Since I took the trip for 31 days, I did some check-ins here and there.

Everything is guided and you don’t have to worry about anything. The mediation potion is designed accordingly (to your experience). As far as the activities are concerned, you can choose any of them (probably you find an interest in doing it). The food is very comforting and made with lots of healthy items. This is to keep your mind away from junk thoughts.

You will be made to listen to what your mind says. There is no pressure of doing things and no time-bound. So, it’s recommended to take this trip anywhere from 7 to 30 days. More than that, it will lead you to become sluggish. So, decide which days you want to go for and prepare yourself accordingly.

There will be many beautiful moments which has to be seen and felt. Remember, sometimes phones are not allowed. You will be asked to make others smile through your act like gifting or by just sending handwritten letters etc (you can choose whatever way you want). Every morning you will be seated for a gratitude prayer and by thanking for all the privileges you have. It’s a wonderful activity since you will appreciate how lucky we all are.

Lastly, you have to sign a paper which says, “I will remember all that I did and acknowledge my path to becoming a better person”. It’s a mandatory step.


I hope you understood the jest of my blog. And if you got – what I meant then, welcome to 2021.

In simple words, I took an intentional pause from blogging. Simply to unwind and grab more wonderful ideas and words.

I hope to write more along with time and make you think.


Did you enjoy reading my content?

Your Generous Contribution is appreciated and will help in sustaining the blog.

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