What is Collage Art and How I do it?


A rather simple but needs lots of imagination ~ is what collage art is for me.

What is collage art?

The term collage originates from the French word~ papiers collés or découpage, used to illustrate methods of cutting and pasting paper cut-outs onto various surfaces like paper or canvas.

It was used in the early twentieth century by many different artists.

Collage art comprises other media such as painting, drawing, and can also contain three-dimensional elements.

How I do collage art?

I start with a theme or a poem and spread all the cutouts around. For cutouts, I either take them from magazines or print them.

Currently, I make three types of collage art.

1. Collage on the card for Poetry (with words) ~ Collage Poetry Card

2. Collage on canvas (usually a theme-based)

3. Collage on the card (without words)~ Allowing my imagination to wander.

It’s a simple art form yet so thoughtful and imaginative that you can do them with simple things. Just widen your imagination or collect on some themes around you.

Here’s some of my collage artwork.

Please note: You can buy my collage work. Click here

Collage on Canvas

Theme: In Search For “Humanity”.
The process!
Theme: “Think”.

Meaning: Don’t be a parrot in someones else garden. “Think” on your own.

Collage Poetry Cards

Collage on Card

Theme: “Content Search”.
Theme: “News Served”.

I believe anyone can take up collage art. Just allow your imagination to run wild and put them together. You can also do a digital collage as I did for my featured image on this blog post.

What do you think?


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