Handmade Products Are So Special!


Handmade items hold a special space. Since I make a lot of items, it gives me immense happiness to design and see the final product.

Here are a few things I made and curated for my art shop. If you wish to order any of them. Please send an email to contact@vrindabn.in

Handmade Block Printed Notebook~A4 size


Handmade Leaf Print Notebook~A4 size (You will receive random colour)

Price: (250/-)

Handmade Notebook ~ A5 size. The cover design is my digital illustrations.

These notebooks will have a binder ring or spiral bind.

Frida Kahlo Notebook (A5 Size) (Price: 200/-)
A5 size Notebook Price:200/-

Handmade Bags (Specially Curated)

Blue Small Handbag (Price: 250/-)
Green Wallet Bag (Price: 200/-)
This one is “SOLD OUT”.

I hope you loved them as I do.


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